This is a complicated question, but for general purposes vinyl pools start at 35k, fiberglass at 40k, and gunite at 75k. Things that can greatly affect this number are slopes/undulation, size, tree removal, and rocky terrain.

vinyl and fiberglass pools will normally take 12 weeks from contract, gunite pools depending upon complexity can take up to 16 weeks.

For larger pools vinyl will provide the best value, the downside to vinyl pools are customizations are limited and liners will need to be replaced. For the ultimate in durability and customization gunite will be the best option. The possibilities with depth, stairs, benches, and water/fire features are endless! For the majority of homeowners Fiberglass will hit the sweet spot of aesthetics, function, customization, and price. All pools will come with a wide array of custom color and material interior finishes while gunite will be the only option that demands waterline tile.

The answer is “yes” but not always dollar for dollar. Typically homes with a pool will sell far faster than those without. The question you need to ask is “Is this going to be something that makes your at home experience better”?

Not at all! Here at Independence we will put together all HOA documents and we will pull all necessary permits needed for the build. The only thing homeowners may be required to help with is utility locates and septic/well system locatates.

Indepence pools will spend as much time as needed to teach you how to keep your pool clean and maintain proper water chemistry. This can save you up to $200.00 dollars a month on expensive pool service and maintenance.We offer salt water systems, infloor cleaning systems, lighting, and heating options.